For more than a decade, BLACKBIRD Technology Services has supported the aviation industry with all aspects of technologies. Bringing in-depth knowledge of the industry, including security compliances and a vast array of technology platforms, bundled together with our single point of contact Service Desk, BLACKBIRD Technology Services is your trusted aviation partner.

We support globally recognized, industry leading partners to ensure smooth airport/airline operations. Different technology platforms include:

  • Passenger Processing (CUSS & CUPPS)
  • Automatic / Self-Service Bag Drops
  • Biometrics Solutions (Inc. CUSS, CUPPS & Security Interfaces)
  • Security Solutions
  • Backoffice Computer & Corporate Networks
  • Off Site Passenger Solutions
  • Communication Radios
  • Hardware Refurbishment & Decommissioning
  • Agnostic Support

Agnostic support in a multi-vendor airport enables seamless integration of diverse technologies, promoting flexibility, reducing vendor lock-in, and improving operational efficiency. This approach fosters healthy competition among vendors, leading to innovation and better services for airport operators and passengers alike.

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